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Pave your own path, built to handle any terrain. 

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Quanta is a sustainable mobility solution developed by breaking conventions. It has been purpose engineered, designed, and manufactured in India for our roads.

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Bend it like the curve !

The chassis the tire thread and the suspension have been purpose built to push it to the extreme.

Ah the numbers !

Max torque - 172 Nm (at the wheel)

Power - 3KW

Gradeability - 26 °

Range - 150 km (Economy Mode)

                110 Km (City)

                85 Km (Sport)

Extendable Range - Up to 320 km (with dual battery)

Built to Last!





World's first rib caged chassis built to safeguard and secure all the internal components in all scenarios. The solid-body frame provides toughness to endure any terrain, making it durable, and minimal moving parts make it more reliable.

Rib Caged Trellis Chasis !


The vehicle can take a maximum load of 250 kgs,

the rib cage has been designed to protect the component in all terrain conditions

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Smart Connectivity

For enhanced user experience & convenience
SES* - Swap Eco System designed around increasing range by

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