Frequently asked questions


What is Gravton Product Line?

Our first vehicle QUANTA is a step-through model with a First of its kind chassis in India. We made sure that at a single glance, the design language of the Quanta communicates that it is a robust unconventional machine that is built to last. Our product pipeline includes the Commuter motorcycle model, Scooter model, and Sport model. All our vehicles fall under one design philosophy; That is, they are robust, practical, Fun and Swapping Ability.

What is the design inspiration of QUANTA?

Our vision is to bring the most practical and fun to drive vehicle into Indian market for any generation. And we wanted to give high-performance step-through experience through electric, thereby the design

Can you explain all-terrain aspect of QUANTA? / How Quanta is All-terrain?

The three aspects/characteristic for any vehicle to be named/called an all-terrain are: On Road and Off-Road ability Traction in Wet, Dry and sometimes in Snowy Conditions Smooth Ride on the roads and reliable traction on the rocks Our QUANTA is designed just for that! Still have questions? Just give us a ring.


For those who are new to the motorcycle world, below are the definitions of the three kind of vehicles mentioned above. MOPED - small engine (usually not greater than 50cc), low speed, pedal powered, not for highways. SCOOTERS - step-through chassis with footrest platform, 10 to 12 inch wheels, runs with engines 50cc and 250cc. MOTORCYCLE - designed for high speeds, better acceleration, large engines 250cc or above, larger wheels 16” and above QUANTA - A motor cycle with step-through design and 17 inch wheels. It is designed to give the performance on par with 100cc vehicle. And best of all, it’s electric and built for all-terrain.

Why should I go for a step-through motorcycle?

Because it’s safe and easy to off-road or go on an adventure when the mood strikes. (Because it has room for putting all your adventure gear at your back)

What is SES in QUANTA?

SES refers to Swap Eco System. To eliminate the range anxiety and to provide the convenience just as fuel refilling, we have come up with SWAP Eco System, where the users can swap the batteries at the nearest battery stations using the mobile application.

What is GOTAC?

To know the overall health of your battery and stats of the vehicle, we have developed Gravton Over the Air Controller, it feeds data all the data of your vehicle to your mobile application.

When can we test ride the vehicle?

Very Soon! We are planning on a mobile experience centre in Hyderabad, we shall keep you posted on dates. Watch out this space or subscribe to our newsletter here if you wouldn’t want to miss on it.

What are the colour variants of QUANTA?

QUANTA comes in red, white, and black variants. Black will be a special edition with limited supply.

What is the cost?

Will keep you posted on this soon! We promise that it pays for itself in a span of 2 years

Do I need a driver’s license to ride QUANTA?

Yes, you will need to hold a valid driver’s license to ride QUANTA

Is QUANTA made in India

Yes, we are proud to say that our product is built ground up in India. Which includes, vehicle idea, vehicle design, battery design, vehicle engineering, manufacturing, GOTAC, and the SES.

What all do I get with the vehicle when purchased?

QUANTA + Portable Charger + GOTAC and mobile application.

Is QUANTA eligible for any government incentives or benefits?

Yes, our products are eligible for subsidy offered by the Government

When can we place an order for QUANTA?

We intend to start taking bookings from the month of June 2021.


What are the key attributes/technical specifications of QUANTA?

Robust - We designed our vehicle with First of its kind chassis called Rib caged chassis, making it the most robust vehicle out there in the market. Practical (Swapping) - Long-range with swapping ability solves the range anxiety associated with EVs and this way it also becomes a real alternative to petrol vehicles making it the most practical EV. Fun - Though robust, we engineered our vehicle to be agile to take on any terrain and we also made sure to give uncompromising fun on a track.

What is the top speed of QUANTA?

70 km/hr with ideal driving conditions, terrain, and load.

How many kms can I travel with single charge of the battery?

Eco mode - 140 to 150km @ 35 Kmph City mode - 110 km @ 45 kmph Sport mode - 85km @ 70 mph Extendable range up to 320 kms with dual battery

What about the suspension?

We designed our vehicle to enjoy a comfortable long distance drives, it’s suspension is tuned to take any terrain.

What is the load carrying capacity of QUANTA?

We have designed QUANTA to take 250kg load including the rider, vehicle and payload without compromising on the performance on any path you take.

What about safety being QUANTA an electric vehicle?

Safety is one of our main design principle. We have thermal management system and vehicle management system installed on our vehicle which takes care of the excess heat generated and in the event of crash, the heart of the system will shutdown immediately. Also, we made sure that you get all the information of your vehicle by GOTAC (Gravton Over the Air Controller which is installed on the vehicle) to your mobile application.

Can QUANTA take hilly terrain?

Yes, QUANTA is built to take hilly terrain. Based on the driver capability it can take upto 26% gradability.

What size engine would QUANTA be equivalent to?

It’s hard to say exactly but we prefer to say it is equivalent a 100cc engine.


What is the mileage of QUANTA per single charge?

The battery is designed by us with our own architecture which enables swapping while keeping the specifications in sync with motor power so that the battery lasts long and provides better mileage per single charge which is 120 km/charge on average with a maximum extendable range of 300km/charge.

How much time does it take to charge the battery?

Gravton provides two charges at the choice of customers. Portable charger 0-80% - 2 hours 0-100% - 3 hours Fast Charger (100%) - 90 minutes

Can I use my wall socket to charge the battery pack?

Yes, you can use any normal socket in your home to charge the battery pack just as your mobile phone.

Do I have to take the battery out to charge it?

We made it easy for you. If you have a wall socket available outside your home, you can connect the power chord directly to the vehicle socket to charge. In case, you live in an apartment where it’s hard to find a wall socket, you can remove the battery from the vehicle and take it to your room and charge it.

I do not like the charging aspect of owning an electric vehicle. Can you provide me with an alternative?

Sure, the answer is SES. With our Swap Eco System and the mobile application enabler, you can swap the batteries on the go just as you refuel your vehicle at a petrol station.

Can I ride QUANTA happily in Rain or Monsoons?

Yes, you can happily drive QUANTA in rain.

What about charging stations?

We are planning to setup public charging stations throughout the city. However, we eliminated the need for a charging station, as you can remove the battery pack from the vehicle and charge it anywhere as you just do with your mobile. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on this topic.

We hear a lot about swapping stations? What is it?

We recommend swapping your batteries instead of charging them. We are working on the business model and financial model for setting up mobile swapping stations in the city. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on this topic.

What about after sales service?

It is recommend to service QUANTA every three months just as any other two-wheeler. And our service providers will be our dealers. And you need not worry on the parts to be replaced, you can replace them locally.

What is displayed on speedometer?

We kept our speedometer driver focused. It has odometer, speed, voltage, trip, battery%, and the speed modes.

Does QUANTA have storage space?

Yes, QUANTA has storage space to keep the portable charger


How can I apply for Gravton Authorized Dealership?

Gravton is looking for suitable channel partners. Please fill the form here to show us your interest. We will get back to you.

How much deposit is to be paid to the company?

Gravton doesn't take any deposit from the dealer.

How many days' credit is given for vehicle and spares stock by the company?

Vehicles and Spares will be billed only after receipt of payment. Credit will not be given by the company.

What is the dealer's order policy? Will the company supply vehicles without order?

The Company will supply vehicles as per dealer's order only.

What is period of dealership agreement with the company?

Dealership agreement with the company is renewable each year.

What will the area of operations be for the dealership?

A distinct area of operation will be given to the dealership for sales and service related activities. Cross selling in other dealer's area is not allowed.

What is the investment required to start new dealership?

Other than land and building, dealers will be required to invest as per the following details : Interior (showroom & workshop equipments) – Upto Rs 5 Lacs. (Based on Dealer Location) Vehicle stock – Equivalent to one month's sale. Spare parts – Upto Rs. 3 Lacs (Based on Dealer Average Monthly Sale). Working capital from bank or own funds: Indicated monthly sale potential X Rs.90,000. For example, if the indicated monthly sale potential is 20 vehicles per month, then the working capital required will be 20 X Rs.90,000 = Rs.18 Lacs + Spare Parts.

What support will be given by the company to the new dealership?

Company will provide all layouts, drawings and interior designs for showroom and workshop which will be as per Gravton dealership corporate identity norms. The company will provide manpower training. Training will be provided to the workshop technical staff. Training to the sales team will be provided on product features, customer handling & sales process.